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On Demand Market & Business Construction
Absolute Luxury & New Contemporary Luxury

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Officine Del Lusso is a company focused on the development
of unique and authentic luxury brands.

Established in 2010 it aims bringing and growing luxury brands in the Middle East countries.

Over the years, it has built its own international network that leads to the expansion of reference markets, market channels and services to support brand development.



Aifield, the new way to improve a brand

Established in 2020, AIFIELD is the Business Unit dedicated to the Digital Transformation of luxury companies, becoming the only consulting agency to be exclusively focused on luxury, both in the physical and digital markets.

Aifield Solutions

Why physical and digital market

Phygital mindset is leading luxury customers to give importance to new elements of value, as they want a brand to:

Be sustainable


Engage them in events


Don't exploit minorities

It is a company focused on the development of unique and authentic luxury brands through:

How we do Brand Positioning

We include brands into their own reference channel  through:

How to access prestigious and performing international markets.

It gives the partner company the tools to manage directly and without intermediaries its own market:

Introduces the brand
to department stores

Builds conditions to approach private customers
Plans your goals to be on target with the potential financial partner

How to access to the most suitable Financial Partners to accelerate and consolidate business development

Based on the medium and long-term objectives of the brand. Officine Del Lusso has as partners:

International investors interested in supporting the growth of luxury brands that have a precise strategic development plan

Club deal for private investors
 Private equity funds
International law firms that assist Italian SMEs in all the steps necessary to obtain a listing on the stock exchange, so as to be able to access the capital market